Life Writing Workshops

runs life writing workshops for individuals and groups looking for some well-being.

The life writing workshop brings together several people who have the ambition to write, first for fun and in a friendly way, and then perhaps to answer other concerns.

The objectives can be to:
• practice writing,
• remember a life, a business, a friendship, a commitment, etc.,
• create a link with readers, with other people in the workshop, a generational link, etc.,
• give meaning to one's life (meaning, direction and / or sensation),
• open to the future by defining a project, making choices, preparing for a next step, etc.

The exercises conducted during this workshop help to "start the engine", to give ideas and material to people who want to embark on this path but who do not know how to go about it, or where to start, what themes to address, or who doubt about their ability to write.

As René Rioul quite rightly says: "To write one's life is to live. It is to live more consciously, more strongly. So, dare, do not be afraid to try the adventure and join the workshop!